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We (Anthony and Austin) met years ago working for a company in the Saratoga Platte Valley in South-Central Wyoming. Hunting, fishing, and all things wilderness are our lifeblood. This business all started from simple conversation between two friends. We wanted to navigate the backcountry with help from some truly remarkable pack animals. You guessed it, llamas!

And so, 307 Llama Company was born.

We are two avid outdoorsmen with a knack for exploring the trails less traveled. Trails like this typically come with heavy packs, sweat, and grit. Our mission, with the llamas, is to highlight how incredible these creatures are. We also want to elevate all your mountain excursions from epic day hikes to extended camping and hunting trips. You can rent members of our herd for your own expeditions or for special occasions such as weddings, your child's birthday party, or other social gatherings.

We cannot wait to share our love for these animals with you! 



We are a small, local business and we pride ourselves on creating an unforgettable experience for every single one of you. The same goes for our llamas, because we are small each of our animals is spoiled with good love, attention, and most importantly... treats! Our herd consists of eleven ccara llamas each with their own unique personalities and quirks.

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